Xpirient Membership Terms and Conditions

Xpirient MembershipTerms and Conditions

  1. Membership: Welcome to the Xpirient Membership (“Membership”). By purchasing thisMembership, you agree to these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) and any other rules,policies, and procedures that Travalight LLC (DBA Xpirient) may institute from time totime.
  2. Eligibility: The Membership is available to individuals at least 18 years old. Yourepresent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements and that you will use theMembership in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Membership Fee:
    1. Voyager Membership: Your Membership begins upon payment of the Membershipfee. The Membership fee is $300 upfront and $99 per month. Payment must be madeusing a valid credit or debit card accepted by Xpirient. The Membership fee is non-refundable except as expressly outlined in these Terms.
    2. Elite Membership: Your Membership begins upon payment of the Membership fee.The Membership fee is $1497.99 upfront and $1497.99 per year. Payment must bemade using a valid credit or debit card accepted by Xpirient. The Membership fee isnon-refundable except as expressly outlined in these Terms.
    3. Premier Elite Membership: Your Membership begins upon payment of theMembership fee. The Membership fee is $2497.99 upfront and $2497.99 per year.Payment must be made using a valid credit or debit card accepted by Xpirient. TheMembership fee is non-refundable except as expressly outlined in these Terms.
  4. Membership Benefits: As a Member, you can access various benefits per membershiptier described on our website and our marketing materials, including discounted travel,reward points, and exclusive access to pre-crafted vacations. These benefits are subject tochange without notice.
  5. Complimentary World Class Vacation (Applicable to Only Elite and Premier Elite Members): Xpirient will provide one or more Complimentary World Class Vacations(hereafter referred to as “The Trip”) to eligible Elite and Premier Elite Members.
    1. Elite Members: Elite Members whose membership is in good standing are eligibleto receive one (1) complimentary trip each year of membership. What constitutes a“Complimentary World Class Trip” is accommodations for up to 7 nights, dependingon availability, for up to 4 travelers. The trip must be booked within the 12 monthscovered by their most recent membership fee. For instance, a member enrolling orrenewing their membership on April 1, 2024, must book their trip before March 31,2025. The trip does not have to occur during this rolling 12-month period but only be booked.
    2. Premier Elite Members: Premier Elite Members whose membership is in goodstanding are eligible to receive two (2) complimentary trips each year of membership.What constitutes a “Complimentary World Class Trip” is accommodations for up to 7nights, depending on availability, for up to 4 travelers. The trip must be bookedwithin the 12 months covered by their most recent membership fee. For instance, amember enrolling or renewing their membership on April 1, 2024, must book bothtrips before March 31, 2025. Neither trip must occur during this 12-month period butmust only be booked.
    3. What is Included: Xpirient will provide accommodations of one (1) room for up to7 nights at select resorts and hotels, depending on availability, for up to 4 travelers.
    4. Resort Availability: Xpirient has partnered with specific resorts to provide thisbenefit. Members may only choose from the resorts that Xpirient offers whenbooking. The Resorts in this program are subject to availability and subject to changeat any point without prior notification to members.
    5. Dates: Trip dates are subject to availability. Xpirient is not responsible forguaranteeing that specific dates are available or paying for trips that fall outside ofthe availability offered by our team to the member. Xpirient will make everyreasonable effort tofind a trip that meets the Member’s scheduling requirements butdoes not ensure in any way that all dates or specific dates will be available for theMember.
    6. Length: The Trip can last between four (4) and eight (8) days, with the Arrival Dayand Departure Day counting as two (2) full days. This is subject to availability.Xpirient makes no guarantees about the length of The Trip for a member’s specificpreferred travel dates. There may be dates requested by a member where a specificresort only has availability for a particular length of stay. Members should beflexibleon the date of travel to book longer trips.
    7. All-Inclusive Stays: Elite and Premier Elite members can access All-Inclusiveoptions at select resorts Xpirient offers. The maximum length of a Trip where an All-Inclusive package has been selected is Seven (7) days and is subject to availability.
    8. Transportation: Transportation to and from The Trip is the sole responsibility of theMember. Xpirient is not responsible for transportation or paying for transportation,including airfare or ground transportation, to transport the member to and/or from thetrip or any transportation during the trip, such as transfers to and from the airport,transportation for excursions or any other transportation.
    9. Refunds: Xpirient reserves the right to change the hotels and resorts offered in thisprogram without notice. Changes to the list of hotels and resorts provided with thisprogram do not constitute a valid reason to request a refund of the membership feesthe member has paid.
    10. Forfeiture of Trips: Any trip not booked during the membership period is forfeitedby the member. The member must be active and in good standing to take the trip.Should the member cancel their membership before taking the trip, Xpirient reservesthe right to cancel their trip. XPIRIENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FORREIMBURSING ANY MONIES PAID TO XPIRIENT OR ANY THIRD PARTY INRELATIONSHIP TO A TRIP THAT IS CANCELLED OR FORFEITED PER THESTIPULATIONS ABOVE.
    11. Taxes, Fees, and Credit/Debit Card Security Holds: The member is solelyresponsible for all taxes and fees charged by the resort and any vendors associatedwith the complimentary trip. These may include but are not limited to sales tax, traveltaxes and tariffs charged by local and/or national governments, “resort” fees, WIFIfees, gym fees, etc. The member is solely responsible for all gratuities while on TheTrip. In some cases, specific taxes and resort fees are due upon booking, in whichcase Xpirient will take payment at the time of booking. The member should prepareto have a security hold placed on their credit or debit card by the resort during thelength of their stay. This is common practice in the hotel and resort industry. Xpirient is not responsible for any aspect of the hold or refunding or releasing it by the resortthe Member chooses for their trip.
    12. Cancellations: The member is responsible for purchasing trip insurance for any tripthey book. If a member cancels The Trip after it has been booked for any reason, theyforfeit the Trip. The member is responsible for anyfinancial ramifications ofcanceling the trip, including lost deposits, upgrade fees, taxes, booking fees, and anyother money spent or committed to spending by the member.
  6. Changes to Membership: Xpirient reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinueany aspect of the Membership, including the price, at any time. We will provide notice ofany such changes by posting the revised Terms to our website and updating the “LastUpdated” date.
  7. Cancellation: You may cancel your Membership anytime by contacting us atsupport@xpirient.com.
    1. Seven-Day “No Questions Asked” Period.If a Member cancels within seven daysof enrollment, the member will receive a full refund of all membership fees paid. Themembership will be void, and the member will have no access to member benefits.
    2. Cancelation After 7 Days:If the member cancels after seven days, their membershipwill terminate at the end of their current billing period. The member will not be billedfurther. Cancellation does not entitle the Member to a refund except as expresslyoutlined in these Terms. The member will have access to all the benefits associatedwith their membership tier through the end of their billing period.
    3. Services Post-Cancellation:If a member has booked travel or other servicesbefore cancellation, their reservations may be canceled, and access to services maybe forfeited. Xpirient is not responsible for refunding or reimbursing the member forany monies paid or costs incurred for auxiliary services such asflights, tickets, orother expenses.
  8. Money-back Guarantee:
    1. Voyager Membership: Xpirient commits to a no-questions-asked refund of theenrollment fee for new Voyager Members if, after thirty (30) days of membershipcommencement, the member is not completely satisfied with the membership. This Satisfaction Guarantee applies solely to the enrollment fee of $99.97 and is valid onlywithin thefirst forty-five (45) days of the membership initiation. Members seeking arefund must notify Xpirient within the specified thirty (45) day period to qualify forthe refund.
    2. Elite Membership: Xpirient offers an Elite Member Annual Membership RefundGuarantee under which members who have availed themselves of their complimentary world-class trip and subsequently determine that the value of suchtrip does not exceed the membership fee paid, are eligible for a refund of 100% oftheir annual membership fee. This guarantee is subject to the condition that the tripmust be booked and undertaken within the membership year for which the fees werepaid. For clarity, to qualify for this refund guarantee, if a member’s enrollment date isMarch 1, the trip must be booked and taken before the renewal date of February 28 ofthe year following the enrollment date. This guarantee is limited to refunding theannual membership fee for the year the trip was taken and does not extend to anysubsequent membership year fees.
    3. Premier Elite Membership: Under the Premier Elite Member Dual World-ClassTrip Satisfaction Guarantee, Xpirient commits to refunding the annual membershipfee in full for Premier Elite Members who undertake both of their entitledcomplimentary world-class trips within their membership year andfind that thecombined value of these trips does not exceed the cost of their annual membershipfee. This guarantee is contingent upon booking and completing both trips within thesame membership year. For the purpose of this guarantee, the membership year isdefined as the period from the date of enrollment until the date of renewal. Forexample, a member enrolling on March 1 must complete both trips by February 28 ofthe following year to be eligible for a refund under this guarantee. This guaranteeapplies solely to refunding the annual membership fee for the year in which both tripswere taken
  9. Disclaimer: All arrangements for travel, including but not limited to accommodations,rental car bookings, tours, homes, cruises, and trips, are made by club members. NeitherXpirient nor any of its officers or employees shall be held responsible or liable for theactions of any club member or the consequences of those actions (including, but notlimited to, any direct, indirect, incidental, general, special, consequential, exemplary orpunitive damages). Xpirient shall not be liable for your or anyone else’s conduct or acts inconnection with the use of our services, including, without limitation, property orfinancial loss, bodily injury, emotional distress, contagious disease, death, or any otherdamages resulting from contact, communications or meetings with other registeredmembers or persons introduced to you by our service, whether on-line or off-line. Byapplying for and accepting membership in Xpirient, you hereby release Xpirient and allits officers and employees from any liability regarding any and all loss or damage thatmight result from your membership in Xpirient.
    1. Xpirient acts as a reservation service to help facilitate travel and expressly disclaimsand shall be free from any and all responsibility or liability for any damages, acts,errors, omissions, injuries, losses, accidents, delays, neglect, or default of any personor entity providing any accommodations, travel services or related services due toany cause whatsoever occurring out of this agreement or members’ use of theparticipating hotels, resorts, cruise lines, homes, tour services, travel services orrelated services.
    2. Members use all services provided by Xpirient at their own risk. Xpirient’s liabilityto members is expressly limited to a refund of the membership fees. Xpirient shallnot be held responsible for the membership cost, taxes assessed by Local or FederalGovernments for services, accommodations or membership, telephone costs, taxi,travel costs to and from accommodations, costs of a personal nature while onvacation, fees charged by service providers used by Xpirient to secure reservations,or any other damages, expenses or liabilities of any kind, whatsoever, includingwithout limit actual, direct or consequential, whether foreseeable or not.
    3. Although Xpirient researches the properties to ensure that members will be bookedinto quality accommodations and vacations, Xpirient does not own, control, orassume any liability for any vacation properties, travel suppliers, or related productsand services provided by or through its program. Xpirient does not assumeresponsibility for any properties or travel companies members may use. Variations inaccommodations, resort amenities, and vacations may be experienced.
    4. Xpirient, its officers, employees, and assigns are not liable for unforeseen costs thatarise from any event during a member’s travel experience, including transportationdelays, cancellations, natural disasters, criminal activity, or any other event that amember may encounter.
  10. Dispute Resolution and Binding Arbitration: Any dispute, claim, or controversyarising out of or relating to these Terms, including determining the scope or applicabilityof this agreement to arbitrate, shall be resolved by arbitration in Florida before onearbitrator. JAMS shall administer the arbitration under its Comprehensive ArbitrationRules and Procedures. Judgment on the Award may be entered in any court havingjurisdiction. The costs of the arbitration will be shared equally. However, the prevailingparty shall be awarded attorneys’ fees and other expenses in addition to any otherremedies, damages, or other award.
  12. Governing Law: These Terms are governed by the laws of the state of Florida withoutregard to conflict of law principles. If a lawsuit or court proceeding is permitted underthese Terms, you and Xpirient agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdictionof the state and federal courts located within Florida to litigate any dispute.
  13. Entire Agreement: These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you andXpirient concerning your Membership. If any part of these Terms is held invalid orunenforceable, that portion will be construed in a manner consistent with applicable lawto reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remainingportions shall remain in full force and effect. By purchasing the Membership, youacknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.

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