What Type of Experience are You Hoping for on Your Next Vacation?

The type of experience that you hope to have on your next vacation depends largely on you. It has to do with your interests, the time you have to spend away from home, and the cities, states, countries, and continents that intrigue you. Once you have a date and destination in mind, you’re able to decide on a few activities to engage in while on your trip. They lend to your overall travel experience by adding excitement, mystery, and adventure to your journey.

Your Core Desired Feelings and How They Play into Your Trip

Rather than focus on checking a bunch of things off your Bucket List, why not create a list of feelings that you want to experience while away? When you tap into this very intimate part of yourself, magic happens. You’re able to take the dullest trip and make it into something very special because of how you emotionally connect to it. Sometimes, it becomes your best experience to date.

Do you want to feel a sense of freedom, independence or exploration? What about happiness, relief or rejuvenation? Care-free, pampered, and luxurious are other feelings that many people desire especially while traveling. How about you?

It’s More Than Just Basic Human Needs That You Need to Fulfill

Getting real about what you want forces you to check in with yourself several times throughout your trip. In addition to tending to your basic needs for shelter, food, warmth, clothing, and connection, it also gives you the opportunity to see how you feel mentally and emotionally. If you’re fatigued, disappointed or sad, what do you need at that moment to overcome the feelings that you’re having?

You need to be mentally and emotionally challenged as much as you’re being physically challenged. Taking time to know what makes you thrive allows you to tap into those feelings more as you travel. You’re able to experience the full spectrum of emotions that come with being away from home and be wiser because of your ability to fulfill all of your needs. It’s among the easiest ways to enhance your travel experience.

Create the Vacation Experience of Your Dreams by Emphasizing Feelings

Make this vacation one that you’ll never forget. By focusing on how you want to feel while on your trip, you’re able to accomplish many things. You’re able to create a positive environment no matter what happens during your travels. It also allows you to see the big picture better by taking time away from the things that usually command your attention and allowing you to slow down the speed of life significantly.

Allow your travels to take on new meaning by conscientiously putting your feelings first. If you want to be happy, allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of a child. See things for the very first time and be in awe of them. If you want more adventure, get your adrenaline pumping by signing up for an activity you’ve never had the guts to try until now.

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