What to Do with Your Pet While You Travel

If you’re a pet parent who has a hard time leaving your fur kids behind while you travel, never fear! You’re able to do so with greater ease nowadays thanks to the many wonderful pet services that exist. Even when they’re not by your side, you’ll have access to them thanks to video technology, social media updates, and regular check-ins with their caregivers. Staying in touch in today’s technologically-advanced world is easy.

Even if you can’t bear the idea of kenneling your pet, there are things you can do with them alternatively while you’re away from home. The following list of suggestions are things you can do with your pet while you travel. Decide which is right for you and your situation. Only you know how long you’ll be gone and what you’ll be doing while you’re away.

Have Them Stay with a Family Member or Trusted Friend Until You Get Back

Among the best options you have to choose from is having someone you know care for your pets while you’re away. If you have a family member or friend who is willing to keep your dog or cat at their home until you return, consider yourself lucky. You know the animal will be in good hands in your absence.

Hire a Pet Sitter to Care for the Animals in Your Home

Finding a screened and recommended pet sitter to care for your pets at your house or apartment is another option for you to consider. It will cost you slightly more than it would to have a relative or friend care for your furry friends. You’d have the added benefit of knowing that the pet sitter carries experience with them as a trained professional, though.

Leave Them with Your Veterinarian If Housing is Available

If the animal doctor that sees your pets offers temporary shelter for dogs and cats while their people are away, inquire about the costs of having your pets stay at the animal hospital. You know they’ll receive top-notch care that way. In the event that they are ill or injure themselves, the animal will be tended to by a staff of caring professionals.

Get the All-Clear to Take Them with You

If you do decide to take your pet with you while traveling, know that there are far more pet-friendly airlines, hotels, taxi cabs, and businesses than there were in the past. Your furry friend is welcome to join you on your adventure if you feel like they travel well. If they don’t, you can use Xpirient to find the right pet services that will care for your dog or cat while you are away.

Now that you know what to do with your pet while you’re away from home, you’ll be better able to decide which option is right for you. You’ll know who to leave the animal with and whether or not it’s a good idea to bring your dog or cat on a trip with you. You’ll have access to the best animal services money can buy, too, as a member of Xpirient.

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