Ways to Spend a Long Layover That Heighten Your Travel Experience

Life has a way of showing you who’s boss by making many things out of your control. The way you perceive obstacles and setbacks is indicative of your character. If you’re a glass-half-full type of person, you can easily bounce back from anything relatively quickly. You always have a plan in motion and are seldom bothered by life’s little hassles because you know they’re not worth getting upset about. A shift in perspective can make even the most unsatisfying experiences less impactful on your overall trip.

Put a Plan in Place in the Event That Things Don’t Go According to Schedule

A long layover can be experienced with greater ease by planning for it. After all, you have no control over the airlines and can either embrace the time you have between flights or bemoan your bad luck by lodging an angry complaint with airport staff. Instead of making discomfort and discontent the theme of your travels, why not use the layover as time to heighten your travel experience instead? It puts you in control of the outcome instead of chalking it up to chance.

Things You Can Do Instead of Watch the Clock

Time seems to stand still when you have somewhere to go and haven’t yet boarded the plane. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some of the things that you didn’t have time to do before you left for your flight. For example, calling the hotel that you’re planning on staying at and inquiring about their check-in times. You can also use the time you’re spending waiting to get a quick massage, grab a bite to eat at a really nice airport restaurant, and pick up the few essentials you forgot to pack in your carry-on.

You can read a book, do the crossword puzzle in a newspaper, and talk to the people waiting with you at the gate. If you want your travel experience to be better, you can take time to record your thoughts in a journal. You can organize your photos into albums on your phone and upload them to the cloud. These things may seem like small feats to accomplish but certainly make waiting extra time in the airport much more pleasant.

Come up with a list of things that you never seem to have a chance to do because of the rapid pace traveling entails. Then, check things off one by one until you need to create a new list once again. You’ll get more done, feel better about the time you spent waiting, and set a positive tone for your travels. There will be less stress and more ease in your life.

Take Time to Share Your Experiences Before Returning to Your Daily Routine

Make the most of a long layover by making it a pleasant experience. You can use the time in between flights to catch up with family and friends, further research your destination, book last-minute reservations at that hard-to-get-into restaurant or club, and update your blog or social media accounts with what you’ve seen, heard, tasted, and felt thus far. Doing so ensures that you have the time needed to properly document and express your experiences traveling. You won’t scramble after your trip to share the multiple photo albums you compiled.

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