Traveling with Your Partner: How to Ensure Your First Trip Isn’t Your Last

Want to spice up things in your new relationship? Pack up and get out of town. Nothing keeps romantic sparks flying better than discovering and creating memories in new places as a couple. However, traveling together, especially if it’s your first time and you’ve only been dating for a short while isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. 

Being together 24/7 for a few days is incredibly revealing. It can bring out a side of each other neither of you saw coming. A trip you thought would strengthen your bond can end being the first and last one for you as a couple. Here’s how to survive your first trip as a couple. 

  • Start with a Short Getaway

Spending an entire week with that special person you met recently in an idyllic romantic destination like Santorini, Greece is nothing short of enticing. Waking up at their side for a whole week and enjoying beautiful sunsets while sipping some of the best wine on a day like Valentine is incredibly romantic. 

However, being alone, 24/7 on a week-long vacation for your first ever trip as a couple is risky. Why? Well, traveling by itself is stressful. Add in the anxiety and pressure that comes with both of you wanting to make this first trip perfect, and you’ll be even more stressed. To avoid this, opt for a short getaway. It’ll not only reduce the pressure, but it’ll also help you learn your partner’s traveling habits. This way, it’ll be easier to know what to expect from them on your next vacation.

  • Create a Balanced Itinerary

Although you’re together because you share common interests, you won’t like every single thing your significant other loves.  For instance, your dream vacation with him may involve being somewhere in a cabin in the woods, cuddling in front of a fireplace with a fruity drink in hand. His dream vacation with you, on the other hand, might be all about being somewhere on a blue water beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, and island hopping together. To ensure both of you get what you want, talk about your vacation beforehand. Don’t just plan up things and expect your partner to go along. Purpose to create a travel itinerary that you’ll both enjoy.

  • Speak Up

Nothing ruins a relationship that was going well fast like lack of communication. Bottling things up may mean you end up taking separate flights on your way back. This is not what you want. You took this trip to strengthen your bond not to break it — ensure you speak up. If something is bugging you, regardless of how insignificant it might seem, ensure you let your partner knows so that you can solve it there and then. Keep in mind; your partner might not see any problem in it. If you don’t let them know immediately, they may repeat it, and this may cause you to lash out at them, and consequently, cause a fight.

  • Give Each Other Some Space

Being with someone 24/7, even on a short vacation regardless of how much you love each other, can put a strain on you at some point. To ensure you don’t get tired of each other, have some alone time. For instance, if you love shopping, let your partner enjoy some alone-time in your hotel by going solo. Furthermore, this is a chance to surprise them with something nice you come across while shopping. In other words, let your partner miss you for a little while, and at the same time enjoy some alone time. As noted, nothing keeps the fire of a romantic relationship burning better than traveling together. However, it’s not always smooth sailing, and the chances of taking separate flights back are pretty high. The tips above will help you ensure you don’t end up the couple who take their first trip together only to come back broken up.

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