The Benefits of Having Access to White Glove Concierge Services

Having access to the finer things in life while traveling is as easy as investing in a membership with Xpirient. Our member-exclusive club offers discounted lodging, legal advice, help with your pets, and even White Glove Concierge services. Making use of this hotel premium allows you to get more done in less time during your trip. You’re able to enjoy yourself more because you’re not weighed down with menial tasks such as making reservations or trying to find a store that sells razors because you forgot yours at home.

What You’ll Get Out of White Glove Concierge Services

More businesses recognize the need for luxury services. That’s where the concept of White Glove Conciergecomes from. Making sure every single detail for guests is perfect is what the experts in hospitality do. From arranging transportation for you and your family to making sure that your room is well-stocked with snacks and beverages, there are a lot of things that the professionals provide to travelers.

The benefits of having access to White Glove Concierge services include:

  • The knowledge of someone familiar with the area.The concierge that you work with knows the location that you’ve traveled to intimately. They can give you ideas of things to do as well as places to shop and eat. The professional possesses insider knowledge which will help you navigate unfamiliar territory. That way, you can make the most of every minute of your trip without being bogged down by the details.
  • A person who can pull strings and get you into the most popular restaurants and nightclubs as well as secure you the best seats in the house at concerts, sporting events, and theater plays. You’ll get the VIP treatment wherever you go thanks to the relationship that the concierge has built with area businesses. You won’t get nosebleed section seating or be forced to wait hours for a free table at a restaurant or nightclub. The concierge pulls strings to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your stay in their hotel or resort.
  • Premium room services. Your wish is the concierge’s command. If you or your family need anything throughout your stay, simply ask for it. With White Glove Concierge service no request is too large. You’ll enjoy celebrity treatment throughout your stay and become familiar to the concierge in the event you return to the hotel or resort at a later date.

Different accommodations offer different types of concierge services. When in doubt, contact the hotel or resort you plan on staying at for a list of suggestions that you can request. Take advantage of all that is offeredso that you can have the best experience traveling yet.

Xpirient Offers So Much More Than Discounted Accommodations

White Glove Concierge services provide you with a luxurious experience like no other. When you invest in members-only exclusive access to Xpirient, you’ll have access to your own personal travel assistant. The concierge services at most hotels are excellent but White Glove Concierge services are extraordinary. Find out for yourself by investing in a membership with Xpirient and putting your benefits to good use!

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