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    Pain and discomfort from two bouts of chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer; PTSD; Lyme Disease and Sciatic Nerve issues had me anticipating time in a wheelchair and taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen twice a day. Over the counter health store and online brands of CBD were not effective at all. I’m so happy and grateful to my friend who shared Xpirient with me.
    I take Xpirient CBD/CBG oil and use Xpirient Balm and Lotions. I’m a 70+ year old Recycled Teenager on the run again, pain free, awesome sleep, no brain fogg, Ibuprofen free with no more threat or worries of liver damage. This is a superior quality product. Loving Life‼️❤

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    Works great.

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    I started using CBD about 2018. I wasn’t able to open a jar, due to arthritis. After about three weeks my hands were fine!
    I was introduced to this product April of 2020. I could not believe it was a high quality for the price. After researching it, I discovered how it was grown, extracted, and distributed I realized it was as good or better than what I was paying three times more for!

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