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    Jamila Johnson

    I have a hard time falling asleep, even when I’m dog tired. My mind races with all the things from day or on my to do list. Within the first few days of taking Relief, i began falling asleep fast! Within minutes. And i wake up feeling rested. I’m on my 4th week and I’m starting to see other benefits as well. I take it twice a day and I’m calmer and less irritated.

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    Ellisha McBride

    I started taking the relief at Breakthrough. I have severe back and sciatica pain along with falling asleep. Since I have been taking it I’m sleeping so much better and my back and sciatica has subsided a little. I can get up in the mornings able to walk without having to stretch for about 10 mins to feel better in 30 minutes to go about my day. I take it twice a day and very pleased with the results and other benefits that I’ve noticed.

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    Elizabeth Balderas

    I am noticing it helping me see clearer, sleeping better and reducing my hot flashes. Digestive system feels better too!

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    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease, which is a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects all my joints. It is extremely PAINFUL. I am seeing relief by taking RELIEF CBD Oil. I am moving much easier and the inflammation and pain have diminished greatly AND helps me sleep better. Sleeping is awesome with Relief!

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    Louis Smith

    I had 5 surgeries in 2017, both ankle breaks, both rotator cuff repairs. From the ankle surgeries I was non weigh bearing for 14 weeks and suffer from total atrophy in my thighs and hamstrings. It’s put a tremendous strain in my knees, stairs have been impossible up or down. Since taking Relief the pain is gone, I’m beginning to do squats, couldn’t before and I don’t wake up with the aches and pain I used to. Relief is the ONLY thing I’ve changed. I’m a total believer in Relief!

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    Dominick Morales

    For years I’ve had to take medication to fall asleep and stay asleep. Since starting Relief, I have completely stopped taking the medication and have felt like the rest I’m getting is even better than before as I sleep throughout the night and fall asleep without my mind racing 100 miles a minute.

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    Marie Caldwell

    I have had anxiety issues for years. After taking Relief, I am more calm and can focus. I no longer take prescription pills for that issue. I also had migraines prior to relief since age 12 and was a guinea pig for the doctors on which medication works best. Since Relief, no more pills and migraines have decreased significantly .

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    Kristin Mueller

    I deal with RA so I spend a lot of time sore. Started taking my CBD Oil at Breakthrough and haven’t taken my RA meds since. I can tell when I need to do more than 1dropperful so I occasionally do two droppersful. I’ve better and sleep better. No more Tylenol Arthritis for pain!!!

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    James Camp

    I have been on RELIEF CBD Oil since October 2018, and I have been able to remove all arthritic pain medications which were taken to relieve degenerative arthritis symptoms as a result of a post cervical fusion and rotator cuff repair a few years ago. I am able to sleep better, move more freely and feel rested and energized each day. As a nurse of over 30 years, I am loving RELIEF CBD Oil as a product that can holistically work without the side effects!

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    Gail Alexander

    Gail Alexander, January 22, 2019. I was introduced to CBD relief oil on November 2, 2018. Since then I have had restful nights. In addition, I have no muscle pain or aches prior to my work outs. Oh, yes a pleasant peppermint taste. Try it!

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    Roger Badchkam

    I typically think of myself as a pretty healthy person and do not normally take any form of supplements. I decided to try Relief to see if I noticed any differences. I took it for just over 2 weeks and thought nothing change for me. What I did not pay attention to was that I was sleeping better through the nights, waking up more relaxed, being more focused on work, being more motivated to get work done, and my leg pain during the nights were basically gone. It took one night of not taking Relief for me to recognize all these benefits. The one night I didn’t take Relief was the one night I realized all of the benefits. Since then, I have been religiously taking Relief everyday and feel great!

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    Max & Justin Ferguson Gore

    What did we do before we found Relief? All I recall was how I woke up extremely groggy and tired, never felt rested. Since taking relief I sleep more soundly and when I wake up I feel so well rested. I’m sure it’s due to the great night of sleep that i’m getting but my mental clarity is the best it’s been in years! I take Relief twice a day and also now use it as a ache/pain substitute. If I get a headache I just take some relief and it goes right away. I would almost call this stuff Magical because I can’t imagine life without it!

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    Cortina Mayeux

    Helps with my anxiety and stress as a preschool teacher/ business owner.. Sleep is great mental clarity on point and less joint pain after workouts at the gym.. Great stuff now have my 92 yr young granny on it she loves it.. Awesome product!!!

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    Shawn P. Lang

    I suffer from inflammation and joint pain as well as skin eruptions due to Lupus. While I cannot make any medical claims, I can tell you that I no longer take pharmaceutical drugs and that I experienced a severe flare up and when I took Relief orally and applied topically, all my redness and my swelling subsided within 8 hours. Within 3 days it was completely gone!
    That’s the Power of X!

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    Jerome Jacks Jr.

    As a teenager I had to have two spinal taps done and as I got older and joined the Marine Corps let’s just say my back has been working in double overtime. Now as a police officer I’m still wearing almost 50lbs of gear everyday. Relief has not only helped my back from years of wear and tear, it has also helped the pain in my knees. I wake up refreshed and loose ready for the day. Thanks For the RELIEF!!! That’s the Power of X

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    Willnette Foxworth

    I have experience anxiety issues, making it hard for me to concentrate at times. After taking RELIEF for a couple of weeks, I can now focus and my mind is much clearer. That’s the Power of X.

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    Dee Woolridge

    After a touch illness I became very discerning about what I put in and on my body. Friends had told me about CBD oil a few years ago but I ignored them. I’m now past my illness and want to maintain my good health. About 4 months ago I heard about CBD again and I started doing research and reading reviews. I heard about Relief and it’s bioavailabity, something I know about from taking supplements, I thought it would try it. I’m so happy I did. I reach for each morning as I run out the door and it keeps me energized, I have less discomfort in my joints, less sore muscles after my work out. I just feel good. Now my husband and daughter take it. Relief is the perfect name because that’s what we have been given.

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    Raul Garcia

    I had tried 3 others and didn’t want to try any more but my friend’s testimony gave me hope. I’m so glad I was introduced to Relief now for countless reasons! Love it!

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    Adam P.

    This product helped me recover from sinus surgery and has given me more energy to tackle daily tasks. I highly recommend this product!

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    Theresa L Wright

    Over 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc, spinal stenosis, etc, affecting my C6&7, T1, L4&5. The level of pain that I am talking about can keep you up all night. I had to stop / cut back on a lot of my activities. It even began affecting my travel…I COULD NOT HAVE THAT! Travel is my passion!!! Managing that level of pain was unbearable at times though, I even took Oxy for awhile! Drs told me that I DEFINITELY needed surgery! But since my husband and I started taking Relief, I have started speed walking again, doing my core exercises, strength training at the gym and sleeping better than I have in years!!! Surgery free and feeling better than I have in a long time! Highly recommend it!!!

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    Twanna Sanders

    I’ve been having issues with aches and pains. The most debilitating pain was in my left thigh. I couldn’t sit Indian style, bend my leg and could barely climb stairs daily. I’ve been taking Relief for just under two weeks and not only can I run up the steps, sit Indian style, I’ve also been getting AMAZING sleep.

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    Marlon Oden

    After taking Relief my ability to focus is off the chart, also after running on a daily basis having lots of stiffness and being sore, I fill great.

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    Tim mitchell

    I suffer from 9 different surgeries and two injuries that I will not allow a surgeon to fix. This product has really taken me off opioids and pretty much all pain killers.

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    Gayle Marticio

    I tried other oils for 6 mo without success. October 2018 I was introduced to this & I’ve had great relief from joint & back pain from inflammation as I used to see the chiropractor 2 x a mo, and I haven’t gone in 4 months! I broke my arm 2 yr ago with permanent disability which pops & aches regularly but now I’m virtually pain free. My stomach acid is greatly reduced, my migraines, and overall pain management with this product has enabled me to leave the RX’s behind. ?? That’s the power of X !

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    Rene Belmarez

    I was in a car accident 2 years ago and have had discomfort in my back. I don’t like to take prescriptions so I decided to take Relief and my discomfort has gone away. Now I take Relief every day

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    Silvia Cortez

    I recently fell down the stairs and hurt my entire right side from my hip to my knee. I didn’t want to take any pain meds. I’m type 1 diabetic and prefer to go the route where I’m not damaging myself internally. I took Relief and I noticed the pain and my mobility improve the same day! I’m definitely a believer of Relief.

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    Silvia C. Cortez

    Tengo artritis, me ponía una banda elástica en los brazos para aplicar presión y aliviar el dolor un poco. ALIVIO me quitó el dolor de mi artritis, mis nudillos se hinchaban ahora ya no. Las horas que duermo son las mismas pero mi calidad de sueño es mejor. Mi esposo va á cumplir 70 años este año y con la edad viene dolores y falta de sueño. El no ha podido dormir en años y padecía dolor de rodillas. Cuando tomó ALIVIO me dijo que dormío como un bebé y que sus rodillas no le molestaban. Ahora los dos podemos descansar y tener mejor calidad de vida.

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    Jeffrey Richards

    This product has lowered my blood sugar levels by an average of 80 points!!!!!

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    Cheryl D Amico

    Can’t say enough about this product. I have used 2 other CBD products and one of them upset my stomach, the other one worked well UNTIL I started to use X-Factor Relief. I will never be without this product. IT is not addictive BUT I will say, I stopped using it for about three days just to see if it was in fact working AND IT DOES, it does work. I have so much metal in my body (more than most cars do) and I hurt everyday all day. Not any more. I do not hurt all day and I do not hurt like I used to. Thank you for this product. The Power of X.

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    Yoanet giralt Rivero

    Recently, my son was diagnosed with a hip disease that keeps him in a wheelchair. Since I knew it, I suffer from stress, insomnia and back pain. I have to carry him the whole time and he is 6 years old and heavy. I have tried many medications and nothing has worked. I decided to try this oil and it was magical. I sleep well every night, my back pain has been controlled. I am more relaxed and I feel much better. My mood has improved. I do not know if it’s mental or not, but I only know that this oil works and I feel happy for that.

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    Mahmud Paprie

    After an accident and muscle spasms, it was really impossible for me to move and do other activities. I started taking CBD oil and do not have any aches or pain and of course I sleep very well and feel happy. I am very focused now with my thoughts It’s an amazing product.

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