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3 reviews for Defense

  1. 5

    Thelundygirls ā€“

    This is a complete game changer!!! For anyone with allergies, asthma, weak immunity, etc.; you need this in your life!!!

    I am a severe asthmatic with daily allergies and this product has allowed me to double the length of my inhalers and get off multiple allergy meds a day.

    I cannot say enough about this product!

  2. 5

    TusiAlston ā€“

    It tastes great and helps to keep my resistance to allergens strong. It’s absolutely affordable. We love this product.

  3. 5

    HeatherSegrest ā€“

    I love! This stuff! I take it whenever I feel Iā€™m about to catch something and it makes it all go away! On top of that it tastes delicious

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