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Why is Xpirient the "Smart Money Club?" Because, even though there are countless ways to save money and countless ways to earn, the financially savvy have found a way to do both at once. Xpirient members are proud to say they need never pay retail for anything again. Begin earning rewards on your daily purchases with the Cash App, and let our Bill Xpert lower your monthly charges. Discounted travel and entertainment make it easier than ever to build memories with like-minded people. Plus, with Telemedicine, Hurdlr, and our 24/7 Car Repair Xpert, members will never be blindsided by some of life’s big expenses.

Never Pay Retail Again

Xpirient Cash is the cutting-edge smartphone app available on both iPhone and Android that allows Elite Members to never pay retail for anything again. Xpirient has partnered with tens of thousands of vendors where you already shop and dine. As a member, you can earn an average of 5.4% Instant cashback on every purchase. Imagine getting a 5.4% discount on everything you ever buy. That’s the power of X! (Learn More)

Reduce Monthly Expenses

Bills suck. But paying more than you should? That sucks even more! Never overpay on your monthly bills again. As an Elite Member, you have access to our highly skilled Bill Xperts! Just upload your bills (phone, internet, cable, etc) to our secure portal and we’ll negotiate lower rates for you! We are saving our members thousands of dollars.

Cut Your Travel Costs In Half (or more)

Never pay retail for hotels, resorts, cruises, rental cars, excursions, and more! Both Standard and Elite Members can access an entirely new way to plan trips with lower costs, year-round flexibility, and greater experiences. Travel at a discount of up to 80% off the real-time, best online price, with no limit to how often you can travel or where — all while earning rewards for your next trip. Should you find a better option, we’ll give you 110% back in reward credit.

Save Thousands on Car Maintenance

Auto maintenance can be expensive and oftentimes unexpected. Our Elite Members have access to a one-of-a-kind benefit known as the Car Repair Xpert. When you become an Elite Member you will receive personalized assistance from a certified mechanic to keep your car maintained and out of the shop. Need to make repairs? Our live Car Xperts are available 24/7. We can verify that a quoted price is fair, speak to your mechanic, schedule service appointments, offer discounts, and answer general questions.

Other Benefits

Reduce Your Tax Burden

The largest expense you have is taxation. Xpirient helps you legally pay as little as allowable. Hurdlr Premium is built into every Elite Membership. The Hurdlr app and website make tracking mileage, expenses, and income easier than ever. The app points out ways that you can reduce your tax burden and creates reports that you can give to your accountant that saves tons of time and effort during tax time.

Become Financially Savvy

At Xpirient, financial freedom is a core value. We equip families and the business owners of tomorrow with financial seminars, case studies, and a carefully vetted team of financial consultant. Receive world-class insights on topics like debt management, selecting loans, strategic investing, and understanding cryptocurrencies. A course-load of information and development is available to our members.

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