Planning to Travel This Year? 7 Things You Should Carry

Packing for a vacation or any trip can be stressful. How do you balance between carrying everything you need and packing light? Here is a list of seven essential things you should bring along for a flawless stay.

A Camera

If you are going for a vacation, you need to capture those thrilling moments — that’s what holidays are made for! You might be quick to disregard a camera in this smartphone era. However, a camera will give you better quality photographs. Relive those moments forever with quality photos.

A Journal

In most cases, we travel to unplug from the daily struggles of the world. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be an excellent way to unwind as well. Did you see an animal or a building that reminds you of someone? Write it down!

Therefore, pack your journal and a pen and jot down a few things before retiring to bed.

Phone Charger

You probably have a phone with an excellent battery life. However, no matter how good it could be, don’t assume that the charge will sustain you until you get to your destination. The charger comes in handy, especially if all your documents are on your phone.

Better still, you can arm yourself with slide charging cables. They are compatible with type C devices, micro UDB, and Apple 8-pin. All you need is to plug it into a powered USB port.

Appropriate Apparel

Having the wrong clothing can kill your mood during the entire trip. To be better placed, find out more about the weather at your destination before packing. That way, you will be in a better position to pack appropriately.

For instance, if you are going to a warm country, some t-shirts and shorts will be fine for the trip. Pair the right clothing with the right shoes. You don’t want your feet suffering in the heat.

A Water Bottle

Airplanes are quite dry. It would be best if you stay hydrated throughout the flight. However, the little water provided in the plane might not be enough. Therefore, you need back up. The Xpirient tumbler will keep your water or drink cold for hours.

You can fill your bottle with water after passing the security check.


You will probably be on the plane for some hours. Therefore, looking out the window will not be enough. To fight boredom, carry something that will keep you busy.

You can bring a book, game, or any other thing you enjoy doing. However, carrying hardcopy books can be stressful and cumbersome. In that case, have your e-reader with you. You might need a magazine for take-off and landing since you can’t use electronics during those periods.

Relevant Documents

As a rule, have your wallet, passport, and tickets with you — not in the suitcase! If you have your tickets or other itineraries on your phone, print them out.

To ensure you don’t miss anything while packing, include a packing list on your journal. Tick against each item once you pack it. With that, you’ll be ready to conquer any of your dream destinations. But wait, have you signed up with Xpirient Travel Club? Well, if you haven’t, you’re missing out traveling luxuriously to all your dream destinations at discounted prices.

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