Official Covid-19 Statement

Xpirient & COVID-19
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Dear Xpirient Family,

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed our world seemingly overnight. In many ways, these changes are temporary. But, to some degree, we will never be the same. I pray that you and your loved ones are safe and finding ways to re-focus on what matters most: your spiritual life, your family, and your personal growth.

Xpirient is proud to provide our members with many benefits that happen to be a blessing in a crisis like we are currently facing. These include access to wholesale prices on hundreds of health and wellness products that can support a healthy immune system, access to a doctor 24 hours a day through telemedicine, and the ability to earn cash back on in-home deliveries and curbside pickup from thousands of restaurants and retailers.

Having said that, it is imperative that our members and consultants know that none of our products are intended to prevent, treat, or cure any medical illness. There are currently no FDA approved therapies or vaccines to treat COVID-19, and any reference you may see or hear to Xpirient products providing protection against or helping to treat any medical illness, including COVID-19, should be ignored as erroneous and in clear violation of our company’s policies. Any such claims by Xpirient consultants are strictly prohibited.

Xpirient exists to help our members thrive in all seasons. We are working hard to find even more ways to enhance your life. As the old proverb states, “this too shall pass.” I am confident we will all emerge from this stronger, wiser, and more capable of seizing the opportunities the new normal will present. Please practice the prevention measures advised by the CDC, including frequent hand-washing and social distancing. Let us know any way we can serve you.

I am praying for your health, your mental wellbeing, and your financial stability during these uncertain days. Be filled with hope. The dawn is coming.

Leave a Legacy. Leave no Regrets.

Scott Ross

CEO, Xpirient

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