It’s Easier than Ever to Climb The Ranks

Xpirient made a subtle but powerful enhancement to our compensation plan.

The heart of our company is, and always will be, our membership which provides unprecedented value. No membership program in the industry comes close. But with the rise of concerns around health and wellness and the introduction of our new best-in-class products XON Kardia and XON Shield, we have more interest than ever in the XON family of CBD and nutrition products.

Up until now, our independent consultants had to sell a minimum of four memberships in order to climb to the top of our compensation plan. But Xpirient has changed the requirements so that now, a consultant can climb the ranks by selling products alone, apart from the membership.

This means if someone is passionate about our XON family, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

And since our compensation plan has no caps on income that can be earned at any level, this change unlocks the door to significant earnings for people who want to focus on retail or wholesaling XON CBD, Sleep, Kardia, or Shield.

There’s never been a better time than right now to become an Xpirient Consultant. Join Now!

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