How to Plan a Surprise Get-away for your Lover this Valentine’s

True love is unconditional and knows no dates. However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to create fond memories with your special person.

Don’t get us wrong — flowers and dinner dates are a good plan. How about your spice up your relationship by planning a surprise getaway for your significant other? Here are five incredible tips on making it a success.

Pay Attention to Hints

Picking the destination is the most nerve-wracking part of a surprise vacation. If your lover is in love with a particular destination, that would be the best pick. How will you know that? She probably talks about it all the time. Therefore, you have to be keen and read between the lines.

Sometimes, you can’t tell her dream destination. In that case, pick a place you think would be fun for both of you.

Make Payments Wisely

You probably have a shared credit account, which shows the right level of trust. However, don’t make payments for the surprise getaway with the shared credit card.

Your lover could smell a rat if she notices you purchased flight tickets or hotel bookings. Instead, get a personal credit card before Valentine’s Day, or choose a different payment method altogether.

On the same breathe, you would need to create a secret email address through which you’ll receive confirmation. Use the same address to make any special arrangements, such as booking a spa appointment.

Please Keep it to Yourself!

A surprise gone wrong is quite devastating. To avoid such, don’t speak about the surprise to many people. If possible, don’t tell anyone, unless you are in dire need of help with the planning. If you need help and can’t trust your lover’s friends, get a travel agent. Besides getting professional advice, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality.

Make a Budget

The trip is meant to impress your significant other. However, even as you try to show appreciation and express love, don’t break your bank. If you are on a tight budget, you can look for a beautiful place within the country.

However, if you have been saving for it, why not tour the world together? Remember, it is the thought that counts, and there is something for everyone.<

5. How do You Pack Unnoticed?

You probably have done everything else, and it’s now time to pack for the D-day. But how will you pack for both of you without your significant other noticing a few missing items? Make sure you pack only the necessities and ensure your lover is not coming back home soon. Pack a day or two before the trip. It gives them less time to notice missing items.

Is Lying a Sin?

A healthy relationship has to be based on honesty. However, if you are planning a surprise getaway this valentine, you have a chance to break the rules.

Your lover could ask why you are acting different lately. There is no harm in saying that everything is fine. After all, the lies will be justified. Having made all the plans, visit our site to get more travel tips.

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