How to Pack and Travel Light

When it comes to traveling the globe, there is such a thing as having too much with you. When you’re weighed down by your belongings, you’re not able to fully immerse yourself in the travel experience. You can’t move freely because you’re tethered to your stuff. 

Make Each Item Packed Count More by Deliberately Choosing What Works

Rather than make the mistake of packing too much, what about bringing less with you but giving each item more than one use? If the things that you bring are multi-functional, you’ll have a much easier time justifying their presence in your bag. Having them with you just makes sense.

Here are some ways to pack and travel light going forward:

  • Invest in a bag with a sturdy bottom. It helps create the foundation needed for your travels. You’re able to pack the bag and distribute the weight in a way that it doesn’t hurt your back or slow you down while walking. 
  • Learn to pack in layers with the heaviest items forming a base for the lighter items. Now that you’ve got the perfect bag, you’ll need to be mindful about how you pack. The heavier items should form the base with the lighter items placed on top of them. If you were to empty your bag, it should be very easy to pack it once again after finding what you need to use.
  • Spend money on clothing that is reversible and convertible. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of a single dress, skirt, shirt or pair of slacks because you’ll be able to reverse the color or pattern or wear it a whole new way. Clothing that is reversible and convertible is worth the investment.
  • Buy single items that have multiple uses. A mobile phone charger that also has a built-in compass, bottle opener or another useful tool becomes a valuable part of your light travel experience. Look for items that have multi-use functionality so that every square inch of your bag is packed with things you’ll utilize repeatedly on your trip.
  • Use e-readers for books, magazines, music, and audiobooks. You can carry around entire libraries of media without feeling the weight of them. Invest in a good e-reader or tablet that is lightweight and has an expandable memory drive. You can buy SD cards for additional storage needs.

Learn how to pack with intention. When each item you choose to bring with you has several uses, you get to pack less. You expand your opportunities because you’re not weighed down with stuff you’ll never use.

Experience Total Freedom with a Lighter Load to Pack and Carry

Give yourself the gift of total freedom. You don’t need to bring everything you own with you while you travel. In fact, you’ll find it more ideal to pack and travel light. It allows you to get up and go easier. You’re not stuck worrying about the items you left back at the hotel or resort. You’re also able to get through airport security and the terminal faster because you’re not stuck waiting for your heavy suitcase to arrive.

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