How to Make the Most out of Your Solo Trip

Planning to take your first ever solo trip this holiday? Well, congratulations! Solo travel isn’t something most people can pull off. So if you’ve decided to take this path and see what the world has to offer even if once, you’re among the fierce-hearted.  We compiled tips, so you not only make the most out of this solo trip but also many more to come.

Set a Travel Budget

The secret ingredient to hacking any solo trip is having a well-thought-out budget. You don’t want to end up spending too much, and neither do you want to go too low as this means low-quality services. That said, create a budget the moment you make up your mind about taking this trip.

Research on your destination. Find out how much accommodation, meals, and activities cost on average and then work out your finances to see what you can afford. While at it, also leave some wiggle room for emergencies. For an even better experience, join a private club-like Xpirient, and unlock access to some of the most reputable hotels and resorts at a discounted price.

Be Open to Meeting New People and Other Solo Travelers

The beauty of solo traveling is that it creates an opportunity for you to make new friends from different parts of the world. But you can’t make such friendships if you seem unapproachable or intimidating.

Therefore, be open to meeting other people, and if possible, solo travelers. You may end up meeting someone who’s on a journey to the same place as you. Keep your phone away and hang out in spots where you can easily be approached, such as coffee shops or museums.

If you are a book lover, carry one with you so that those who want to approach you can have a conversation starter. Smile more, have a short-intro about where you’re from, and use every opportunity to create a conversation with people you meet.

For instance, ask locals whether you can take pictures of them while they are busy at work. Making conversations and new friends at every destination removes loneliness from the aspect of solo travel.

Try and Blend-In

Standing out is great, but too much of it attracts the wrong kind of attention. For instance, looking too much like a foreigner makes you an ideal target for tourist scams or even theft. This being your first solo trip, the last thing you would want is to end up broke and stranded in a foreign land because someone duped you. Therefore, try as much as you can not to look too different from the locals. This way, you’ll comfortably explore what that new place has to offer.

Don’t Pack too Much

If you plan on hopping from one town to the next, don’t overpack. This is because you’ll have to carry whatever you pack with you, especially if you plan on switching hotels every night. Overpacking will only slow you down and limit the scope of exploration.

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

This being your first ever dare at solo travel, make sure you take plenty of pictures. Share with friends and family so they can have a taste of what you are enjoying. Also, avoid getting ill at all costs.

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