How to Green Travel in 2020: Expert Tips

87% of travelers in the world want to travel sustainably. However, only 39% percent of travelers are actually traveling green. Traveling sustainably doesn’t have to be daunting if you actually know what is expected of you.

On the brighter side, you should always look forward to eco-friendly travel because it not only helps to reduce the carbon footprint but also encourages local businesses. All you need is to do is start making conscious choices like going to eco-hotels and using eco-friendly modes of transportation. Below is a list of eco-friendly things that you should consider on your next trip.

  • Do Away With the Plastic Bags

As much as traveling is fun, you should be very careful about the things that you do out there. Like what you use to carry your stuff after shopping can play a huge difference in the next few years. Ensure that you have a reusable bag to carry your shopping around. Plastics bags are not readily biodegradable and may take up to 500 years, and therefore you should avoid them at all costs. The key is leaving a better world for the coming generations.

  • Have an Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Some countries abroad don’t have clean water, and it is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you consume safe water. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, just get yourself a water bottle that has a filter. This way, you can recycle it on all your trips. Alternatively, you can always have some water purification tablets with you if you are packing light.

  • Take Care of Nature

The quench of taking great pictures for your Instagram feed should not make you interfere with Mother Nature. Always make sure that you interact with everything ethically, including the animals, and not polluting our environment such as the oceans.

  • Go to Eco Hotels

With the help of technology, you can easily choose an eco-friendly hotel in the comfort of your home.  Eco hotels are very crucial in regards to traveling green. Your preferred hotel should have a way to ensure that they reduce the amount of water wasted, use electricity responsibly, and promote clean-up activities.

  • Use Public Transport

Green traveling can be a hassle sometimes, especially if you don’t know your destination at all. Also, if the destination that you are going to is too far, you will need to go by air even though it isn’t eco-friendly. However, doing thorough research before your trip can be beneficial. This is because some airlines have lower emissions per passenger mile than others. Also, using public transportation instead of renting a car will help in reducing the carbon footprint.

 It is essential to always remember that traveling by foot is the most sustainable mode of transportation. It is also very helpful in helping you to discover new places.

Final Thought

The only way to travel sustainably is to be more careful with the choices that you make. Always remember that the small things that may seem very minimal are very significant. Join our private club today to travel to all your dream destinations at discounted prices.

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