How to Do an Extended Trip with Only a Carry-on

Traveling with a carry-on only, especially if you are about to take on a solo trip, gives you one less thing to worry about and more freedom. But it is something that to most people seems restrictive and a mean feat. 

How do you wake up and decide to travel to a whole new destination carrying nothing else but a carry-on? Well, believe it or not, it’s not only possible but is part of the norm for experienced travelers. If you’re planning on traveling more this year, here is how to do extended trips with only a carry-on bag.

  • Master the Art of Letting Go

Humans are hoarders by nature. We are naturally inclined to hold on to things even when we don’t need them. That is why you’ll find yourself with a suitcase full of stuff you won’t even touch during your vacation in Vegas. To master the art of traveling with only a carry-on, learn how to let go.

We know it’s difficult to leave stuff you feel like you need, such as toiletries, but fight the urge to pack them by keeping in mind you’ll get them for free at your destination. Think carefully about your trip, and pack only items that make the cut. Lay down everything you thought of carrying, and from there, pick and pack the essentials. From the items remaining, pick those you’re 100% sure you’ll be using and leave the rest.  

  • Pack Smart

Those who take only a carry-on bag on extended trips don’t have a magic pill to make their stuff fit in it. They only pack smart. By that, we mean, they pack in a way that maximizes all the space the carry-on bag has to offer. You, too, can do it. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Rolled clothes take up only half the space folded clothes to use. This leaves more space for other things you want to take on the trip, such as shoes and makeup. Rolling also prevents wrinkling. 

To ensure you need not more than one carry-on, consider getting packing cubes and put your rolled clothes in them before you put in the bag. This will further save on space and is more organized as you can pack shirts in one cube and trousers in another.

  • Stick to the One-week Rule 

Most people usually overpack because they pack based on the length of their trip. If you want to join the carry-on gang, you need to have the one-week rule mentality. That is, only pack enough clothes and accessories for one week.

You’re probably wondering, “what if I’m going to be there for a month?” Well, one week is a long time, and if you carry enough for a week, then you have enough time to clean what you wore on the three previous days. Besides, most hotels and resorts will often do your laundry. All you need to do is ask.

 If you’re self-conscious and afraid, people will notice you’ve been wearing the same clothes. Bring clothes and shoes that are versatile, and can be mixed and matched to prevent anybody from ever noticing.

  • Wear the Bulky Clothes

Bulky clothes such as jackets and hoodies will fill your carry-on instantly. Therefore, if your vacation or business trip destination is always chilly, wear bulky clothes. This way, you’ll have only one jacket or hoodie for when it gets cold and not more than you need. Traveling with a carry-on only not only means seamless travel but also you need not worry about the airline losing your baggage or checked-fees. It means you get to check out fast in both hotels and airports and easily commute on public transport. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be good to go. While at it, remember to join Xpirient so you can travel with your carry-on only to more destinations this year.

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