How to Bring the Vacation Experience Home with You

Travel transforms us as people. It gives us a new lease on life and provides us with a new perspective. It enriches our lives and gives us something pleasurable to look forward to when we plan trips.

If you want to hang onto the elated feeling you have when you travel, there are things you can do easily once you’re home safe and sound. Cultivating a travel state of mind allows you to see the opportunity in every situation. It makes you more mindful of your surroundings and how certain experiences and people make you feel.

The following suggestions help you hang onto the vacation experience long after you’ve gone home:

  • Display photos from your trip on your walls. There are many companies on the internet who will make copies of your favorite photographs for you to decorate your home with. You can even have them printed on canvases, pillows, and coffee mugs if you want to commemorate a trip that you went on. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your home and keep the spirit of traveling alive in your heart.
  • Cook recipes from the region that you visited. Buy a cookbook that is based on that country’s cuisine. Sample dishes that you never got a chance to try. Attempt to recreate the meals that you really enjoyed. Share your favorites with your co-workers the next time your company throws a potluck.
  • Add additional notes to your travel journals.  Reflect upon what was written and add notes accordingly. That way, you have the clearest picture of your travels. If you want to turn your ideas into a blog or story, you’ll do so with accuracy.
  • Throw a party and share what you experienced with family and friends. Make the theme travel-related. Give everyone a chance to sample what you experienced while away from home. Take time to share your stories, show your photos, and even pass out the souvenirs you bought. It’s a great time to bond over a shared love for adventure.
  • Get a pen pal from the state or country you traveled to. There are plenty of places to find people to write. Sign up for a database and ask that people in the areas that you’ve traveled to correspond with you. Send letters detailing your experience as a traveler and telling about your city, state, and country. That way, they can live life through your eyes, too.
  • Listen to music by artists you discovered while you were on a trip. Create playlists that get you in the spirit of traveling once again. Include artists that you got to know while traveling. Ask your pen pal for suggestions of what to listen to when you write him or her.

Allow yourself to savor the experiences you had while away from home a little longer. The suggestions mentioned here help you do just that. You’re able to slip into that vacation state of mind whenever you need a break from your daily routine. You’ll be glad that you were thoughtful enough to cultivate the creativity that you had while away from home because it will reflect in your lifestyle in the future.

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