Fun and Unique Ways to Share Your Travel Experience

Travel is an experience that is hard to keep to yourself. You’ll want to share what you’ve done with others. If you’re tired of just telling people your itinerary or giving them highlights of the landmarks you visited, there are better ways to give them a taste of your travels. In fact, the following list of suggestions provide you with creative ways to make your inner circle a part of the adventure that you had.

Here are some fun and unique ideas to share your with your family and friends:

  • Try to replicate a meal that you ate while traveling. See if you can find a recipe online so that you know how to prepare it authentically. Then invite your loved ones over to taste what you made. They’ll love being part of your travel experience in this way. If you want to make it a potluck type of meal, ask that your family and friends research cuisine from the area you traveled to and cook one of the recipes that interested them. You’ll be able to sample other foods that you didn’t get a chance to eat while away.
  • Give them a gift that uses the photos that you took while away from home. Take your best pictures and have them made into canvases, pillows or coffee mugs. Instead of purchasing items using other people’s photography, use your own. The special people in your life will enjoy your thoughtfulness. Every time you enter their home, you’ll see your photo on display.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that they cherish it as much as you do.
  • Read them a story that you wrote about your journey. If you enjoy writing, you’ll have an excellent time drafting a written account of your experience. Ask that your family and friends join you one night so you can read it. If you have photos that help illustrate your point, use a projector to show them. It’s a great way to help others see the world through your eyes. It helps them understand what you’ve been up to and why travel is such a big part of your life.
  • Celebrate a holiday or event that took place in the country you were staying at. If you’ve traveled to a different country and were part of a different culture, celebrate that heritage by throwing a party that is reminiscent of that from the place you traveled to. Serve food, play music, and take part in traditions. It’s like traveling the globe without the need for a passport.

Half of the fun of traveling is being able to share your experience with others. Now that you have numerous ways to do that, it’s time to get busy posting, creating, and conversating! People will love hearing about your adventures and the wonderful deals you received as a member of Xpirient’s exclusive membership club.

The world awaits you! How will you spend the one glorious life you have to live? Will you share your experiences more frequently? It’s our hope that you will!

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