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Leave a legacy. Leave no regrets.

The Xpirient Motto is “Leave a legacy. Leave no regrets.” We help our members achieve those two objectives in numerous ways. But we go a step further, by offering the most compelling “side hustle” in the marketplace. Xpirient markets our club and products exclusively through independent consultants who participate in a compensation plan that provides unlimited earning potential and the opportunity to build an asset that can survive beyond their lifetime.

A Timely Product Mix

Xpirient is offering products to the marketplace that could not be more timely.

• The CBD Industry is exploding and expecting to grow by 10x in just 3 years. The global CBD market was $2.5 Billion in 2020 and is expected to top $22 Billion in 2024.
• Inflation is eroding everyone’s ability to maintain their lifestyle. Xpirient offers consumers multiple ways to save money and not just maintain but expand their quality of life in this difficult season.
• Health, Immunity, and Pain are all at the forefront of consumer’s minds today. Xpirient offers products that are positively impacting all these areas at prices untouchable elsewhere.
• Our company is in its infancy with years of exponential growth ahead. There will never be a better time to be a part of our story than right now.

A Cause You Can Be Passionate About

Human trafficking is a scourge, and we hate it to our core. We have devoted ourselves to ending the plight of more than 20 million people caught in the grip of modern slavery. By becoming a consultant, you will be joining the front lines. Because a portion of every sale you make goes directly to the cause of ending slavery everywhere forever.

An Unrivaled Compensation Plan

Xpirient announced a goal from day one to have the highest-paid leaders in the Direct Sales industry. The Xpirient compensation plan is the talk of the direct sales industry. Many companies have attempted to duplicate some of its components, but none have achieved the totality of parts that make our compensation plan the most lucrative available.

A Plan Anyone Can Understand

Make tracking miles, auto-expenses, and income easier than ever with Hurdlr Premium. Another tool, bundled into our Elite Membership at no extra cost to you. Automating this crucial tax step will save you both money and time. Members also receive exclusive trainings from Hurdlr experts on maximizing the application and increasing your reductions — a bonus not included with Hurdlr Premium, but one we considered essential for our members.

A Fair, Equitable Structure

The Direct Sales industry is notorious for compensation plans with tons of “gotchas” and situations where some are paid more than others out of luck or because they knew how to manipulate things in their favor. Here’s a hint: If you hear the words “binary” or “matrix” or “coded”... RUN! At Xpirient, our plan works exactly the same for every participant. From the very first consultant who joined us to someone who enrolls today, everyone has exactly the same opportunity and ability to become the highest earner in our company. There’s no “good ‘ol boys” network. You’re paid what you are worth…period.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Many compensation plans place caps on your income. That means they limit how much money you can earn at a certain rank. That never made much sense to us. Why would anyone become an entrepreneur to have a ceiling on what they could earn? When you’re evaluating comp plans, just ask the person sharing their opportunity, “are there caps on your income at any rank in your comp plan?” At Xpirient the answer is a resounding, “No!” There are no caps on your income…at any rank…ever. You have unlimited earning potential. When you understand some of our larger bonuses and how they connect to company revenue or the revenue of your entire organization, you will understand why that can be such a big deal!

The X Bonus

We think $500 a month is a magic number. Research shows that an extra $500 per month would make a huge impact on the average family. $500 per month extra would allow the average family to be debt-free in under 7 years. An extra $500 a month makes a car payment or enables you to start an investment portfolio. With that in mind, Xpirient launched the most revolutionary bonus in the history of the industry: The X Bonus. The X Bonus provides an extremely realistic path for the average person to generate $500 per month in passive residual income: income that shows up every single month.
With as few as 10 Elite Memberships sold, you can qualify for the X Bonus and be earning a MINIMUM of $500 per month in passive income.

Leadership Bonus

Xpirient allows consultants the opportunity to earn a percentage of the entire company’s revenue through our Leadership Bonus. Regardless of how much revenue is produced, you could earn a piece of it. When you combine this with the fact there are no caps on your income, you can see how this bonus alone could become quite significant.

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