Discounted travel often means lowering your expectations. With travel more costly and time-consuming to plan than ever, families settle for what they can get. We want to change that. Our Elite Xperiences not only make it easier to travel but are fully-planned luxury vacations.


Xpirient takes care of all your transportation to and from the airport so you have a hassle-free, stress-free trip. With Elite Xperiences you forego all of the headaches of navigating a new place. Prior to the trip, members will also be provided with priceless information on traveling safely in the country, weather updates, what to pack, and sights to see.

Getaway Team

Every trip will be attended by our world-class Get-away Team. These highly skilled travel experts are on each trip solely to serve our members. They serve as intermediaries between you and the hotel, offer tips on what to do for the day, as well as organize events exclusively for Xpirient members.

Food & Entertainment

Our trips typically include exclusive dining and entertainment experiences you wouldn’t get by booking the destination for yourself. We also curate the very best your stay has to offer and do most of the legwork for you. Our team will schedule golf times, family excursions, fishing trips, dinner reservations, and more. Our members enjoy discounts at the hotel spa, gift shop, and oftentimes free professional photography for family portraits and holiday cards.

Lifetime Friendships

Best of all, our members build relationships with each other. We are a social club of like-minded people who love to travel and are passionate about living. Imagine checking off your bucket list alongside new friends who are there for the same reason!

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