Xpirient Cash App

Cash App is not only a new way to shop; it’s a new way to budget and a new way to live.

Unlike other rewards programs, you don’t need to spend more to earn a little or go out of your way to buy from select stores. Our Elite Members are earning dollars on the essentials they purchase anyway like grocery foods and clothes. Plus, they’re having fun for less too. Imagine eating out with friends, birthday shopping, and discovering new entertainment, all while earning rewards and applying discounts.

Innovate Technology, Made Simple

The Cash App works directly from your phone. Simply open it during checkout, scan the code, and begin earning. There’s no need to track your purchases and you don’t need to start carrying another card in your wallet. It takes seconds, and works with tens of thousands of vendors ranging from restaurants and boutiques to entertainment.

Instantaneous Rewards

Unlike most rewards cards, your Cash App balance is updated instantaneously and available to you immediately. That means you could earn rewards on a purchase and use your new balance to discount the price on your next.

Snowball Your Savings

If you already have an existing rewards card, you can attach it to your Cash App and begin earning double. Because you are able to discount an item and simultaneously earn more rewards while doing so, your Cash App balance only continues to snowball and grow.

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