Car Repair Xpert

Never going blindly into auto-repairs or maintenance again is as easy as making a phone call. For our Elite Members, meet your Car Repair Xpert.

Whether you want to ask about a recurring problem or ensure that you’ve been quoted a fair price, our team is on call and willing to talk directly to your mechanic. Here are some of the ways, our members can save thousands on auto-expenses:

24/7 Access to a Live Mechanic

Review your repair bill, ask questions about a quote, or hand the phone directly to your repair shop. Our experts will offer advice and even set up appointments at another nearby shop to ensure you receive the best service.

Fair Price Check

Let us know if you think a repair price is too high, we will quickly do a fair price check for you.

Discounts at Select Auto-Repair Shops

Xpirient members have access to a growing network of shops at discounted rates.

Personalized Maintenance Plans & Reminders

Set up a personalized maintenance plan based on your vehicle and your budget. We will keep all your records in one place, as well as send you reminders when your car is due for maintenance.

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