Take Your Membership to the Power Of X

Kick off your business right with the inventory to create an immediate repeat customer base. Apart from the membership, the product in this pack has more than a $2525 retail value. How you leverage it is up to you. Sell it at retail and earn $1000 profit.  Or sell it at Friends and Family super discount and make all your money back. Or sell half at retail and use half for yourself and still make all your money back.

This pack has the following:

* 12 Bottles of Relief 500 (Perfect for samples)
* 10 Relief 1500
* 3 Bottles of Relief Muscle and Joint Balm
* 3 bottles of Relief Balm Roll On

* 3 Bottles of Relief Body Lotion Pump
* 3 Solus
* 1 Solus Sample Pack
* 3 Defense

This pack is only available to new Elite members. Take advantage of it now.

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