Blast to Breakthrough

Blast to Breakthrough Promotion: August 1 - October 27, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity that will inspire you to reach new heights and live life fully. From August 1st until October 27th, 2023, we’re running a special promotion that could see you earning significant bonuses for your hard work and dedication.

Who's Eligible?

The promotion applies to new Xpirient consultants who enroll between August 1, 2023, and October 27, 2023, at Midnight, Pacific Time, and their sponsor Affiliate.

What is the Promotion?

Affiliates who enroll during the promotion period will have until Midnight Pacific Time, October 27th, or 60 days (whichever is longer) to build their lineage. This period is known as their “Blast Window.”

For every active 100 in lineage (See the Xpirient Compensation Plan for a definition of “Lineage”), the new consultant has at midnight Pacific Time on the last day of their “Blast Window,” Xpirient will pay them a bonus of $5,000! That’s right, $5,000!

Be sure you read the words, “every active 100 in lineage.” This means that for each multiple of 100 Active Lineage at the close of the “Blast Window,” the new consultant will receive another $5000 bonus. In other words, if the consultant has 200 active lineage at the close of their “Blast Window,” they would receive $10,000. If they have 300 active lineage, they will earn $15,000. And so forth.
But that’s not all. If the new consultant achieves an active lineage of 1,000 by close of their “Blast Window,” we will double their bonus to $10,000 per 100 active lineage. In essence, the new consultant could earn $100,000
And that bonus can be stacked as well. 2000 active lineage at the close of the Blast window would result in a bonus of $200,000, with no limit on the earnings past that.
And we haven’t forgotten about the power of teamwork. The sponsor/enroller of the new consultant who earns any bonus will also earn a bonus of $2,500 for each 100 active lineage created by their new consultant within the new consultant’s “Blast Window.” And if the new enrollee reaches 1,000 active lineage, the bonus for the sponsor doubles to $5,000 per 100 active lineage, or a total of $50,000.

The "Not So Fine" Print

Now, let’s talk about the details:
  • To qualify for any bonus in either roll (sponsor or new consultant), you must be Builder and X Bonus Qualified at midnight Pacific time, on the last day of your Blast Window.
  • To qualify for any bonus in this promotion, you must be an active Xpirient Affiliate in good standing.
  • To qualify for any bonus in either roll (sponsor or new consultant), you must attend Breakthrough 2023.
  • Each consultant can only qualify for bonuses on one business center. Separate business centers under a corporate entity, the name of a spouse, or a relative are not allowed, and attempts to qualify for double the bonuses by “stacking” business centers will cause the consultant to be disqualified and ineligible for any bonuses paid during the promotion.
  • After receiving the bonus, the consultant agrees not to actively promote a different income opportunity other than Xpirient for one year following the payout.
  • To qualify for the bonus to double when achieving an active lineage of 1,000, the Affiliate must also be actively at the rank of “Executive” or above.
  • There’s no limit to how many bonuses you can earn! For example, 100 active lineage = $5,000, 200 active lineage = $10,000, 300 active lineage = $15,000, and so on.
  • If you achieve an active lineage of 1,000 and thus double the bonus to $10,000 per 100, the doubling only applies to the first 1,000. All lineage above 1,000 reverts to the $5,000 per 100 until another increment of 1,000 is achieved. Each increment of 1000 causes the bonuses in that set of 1000 active lineage to be doubled.
  • Bonuses will be paid on the 15th of the month after the month the consultant’s “Blast Window” closes. For example, if a consultant joins on October 12th, their “Blast Window” will close on December 12th. If the consultant earns one of the bonuses mentioned above, they will receive it on January 15th. 
This is more than just a promotion. It’s a chance to tap into your potential, inspire others, and create a lasting impact. So, let’s get started. Embrace this opportunity and build a brighter future together, one lineage at a time.

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