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Xpirient was founded on a basic premise: Your life is not a dress rehearsal. We all get one shot to maximize all that we’ve been given: Our health, our relationships, our finances. Xpirient exists to help you be a great steward of your resources and maximize your life.

We have a mantra borrowed from our founder, Scott Ross: Leave a Legacy. Leave no Regrets. We want to help you make your life count, and we want you to feel like you squeezed every drop of potential out of this life.

the Power of X

The “X” has special meaning for us.

X is the symbol of multiplication. It is the name for Super Human “Vision.” (X-Ray) It’s the location of great treasure. (X Marks the Spot) It’s the elusive ingredient that differentiates its holder from everything else. (X Factor)

When mathematicians want to show exponential increase, they add an “exponent” to the number and say that number is to the “power of” it’s exponent. For instance 103 is pronounced “ten to the power of 3.”

Xpirient wants to be the “X”ponential factor in your life, multiplying your experiences, your impact, your connections, your health, and your finances.

Check Off Your Bucket List

Xpirient makes money by saving you money! Whether it’s saving our members up to 80% off more than 1 million hotels, resorts, and cruise lines around the world, our proprietary, best-in-class nutrition products, or the first-of-its-kind Rialto marketplace delivering more than 6000 products across the 500 biggest brands in nutrition, our members are saving money every day.

In addition, Xpirient members save on:

Thousands of restaurants and stores through the Xpirient Cash app

Thousands of restaurants and stores through the Xpirient Cash app

Veterinary services and pet products

Veterinary services and pet products

Tax services

Tax services

Theme parks, Broadway and Vegas shows, Excursions

Theme parks, Broadway and Vegas shows, Excursions

Xpirient members enjoy benefits in travel, wellness, shopping, dining, financial mentoring, relationship training, and health coaching, along with access to worldclass products for pennies on the dollar.

Xpirient membership is wise stewardship! You will save money on the things you already do, multiplying your resources and affording you the chance to live more!

Our Team

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Scott Ross


Chris Kent

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Carlos Rogers

Carlos Rogers

Vice President of Sales

Affiliate Advisory Board

The Xpirient Affiliate Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of the top Affiliate Field Leaders in the company. CAB Members are determined on an annual basis according to performance and personal character, and they provide advice and counsel to the executive team on the direction and operation of the company.

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Carlos Rogers

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