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Xpirient exists to multiply all the goodness in life: memories, relationships, fun, health, impact, spirituality, finances. When you’re living on 10 in all aspects of your life we call it living to the “Power of X.” Find out all the ways this membership can enhance your life in a major way!

Why is Xpirient Called the “Smart Money Club?”

Xpirient has become known as the “Smart Money Club.” Xpirient is the place where people who are savvy about their finances (or who want to be) congregate. Click here to find out why anyone who wants to make their money go farther is becoming a member.

What Is Xpirient?

Xpirient is the viral lifestyle and wellness club that began as just a better way to travel. With guaranteed discounted rates and luxuriously curated experiences, those just interested in exploring the globe will find no better option than our Membership. However, why should saving money, building relationships, and creating memories be limited to your vacation days? Our Elite Membership takes everything we accomplished in travel, and applies it to your every day: local restaurants, monthly bills, grocery stores, health products, car repairs, and the list goes on.


Xpirient offers a variety of membership options to make sure you find the one that suits you best. Explore our tiers and let Xpirient multiply all the goodness in life. Take your life to the power of X.

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Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

You need a “Plan B” more than ever. Leaving a legacy and leaving no regrets means leaving nothing to chance regarding your financial freedom. Learn how Xpirient can help you take the reins of your financial future and never be dependent on the whims of others again.

Join Our Cause

Xpirient is extremely passionate about ending human trafficking forever. We are dedicated to removing the scourge of human bondage from the face of the earth. Learn how you can play a vital role in our mission. Together we can set everyone free.

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