7 Fantastic Travel Trends That You Should Try in 2020

Being the beginning of a new year and a new decade, you perhaps have some travel ideas that you may want to get off your bucket list or better yet add some more if they impact your life positively. What you may not know is that travelers have started to change the way they used to view these vacations. Following the adverse effects of our carbon footprints, people have begun to embrace new ways of travel. They are more into sustainable tourism, planting trees, connecting with nature, and creating more meaningful relationships with the people they love. Below are seven trends that you might want to add to your bucket list.

  • Therapeutic Vacations

Nothing is more therapeutic than an environment that helps you to reconnect with nature. A lot of people have encompassed that in their travel programs to promote mental and spiritual growth. Also, travelers are looking for places where the residents are encouraged to living green and where there is a lot of tree planting. This is definitely a must-do in your travel plan.

  • Adventurous Trips

Even though the quest for romantic getaways is something people cannot let go, more couples are looking for new ways to spend their vacations abroad. Most couples are going on challenging adventures. They are using those uncomfortable situations to bring them closer to each other and to build their intimacy. You should try camping or hiking this Valentine’s Day with your lover if you are both adventurous.

  • Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be very challenging, especially to a first-timer, but with the right attitude, it can be the most lucrative time that one can have. From making new friends to soul searching, there are many benefits to this new trend. Try living in hostels if you are looking forward to making more friends.

  • Girls Trip!

Women’s only trips have been trending in the travel industry for a while now, and 2020 will not be any different. They are meant to sharpen their skills and empower each other. If you are a woman, encourage your friends to go on a trip with you.

  • Ancestral Tourism

Travelers have been known to trace their ancestral backgrounds of late. It is a trend that is expected to be on the rise in 2020 since genetic testing services are more accessible now. You can consider this if you are up to the task.

  • Staycation and Micro Trips

Staycations involve people vacationing in their home towns. People have been celebrating important functions like weddings and anniversaries in hotels near their homes. It is an excellent way to save money and creating memories too. Similarly, micro vacations have been trending too because they also save a lot of time and money and still gives travelers something that they can remember. 

  • Sustainable Travels

This is expected to be trending following how everyone, including the hotel industries, is looking for an environmentally friendly trip. The aim is to travel and leave zero or minimal carbon footprint. Before going to that dream destination, ensure that the hotel you plan to live in has ecolodges. Join xpirient today to meet more people who think like you and to travel to the best destinations in the world at discounted prices.

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