6 Tips to Make Flying with a Dog Less Stressful

Even for an avid dog-lover, flying with a dog is nothing short of stressful. If this is your first time, then it can be quite nerve-wracking. However, following the tips below will make it less hectic.

Find the Right Pet Carrier

Your pooch’s comfort is of utmost importance. If they aren’t comfy, then you can be sure that your flight will be equally as stressful. That said, the first step to comfortably taking your dog along on your next vacation is finding a comfortable carrier.

But before you do, ensure you consult with your airline to confirm whether they allow pets (most airlines have strict pet regulations.) If they do, check the requirements to see the dog size as well as the carrier size. Most airlines often require that your pooch fits comfortably under the seat.

That means unless your furry best friend is a therapy or service dog, they must be 15 pounds or less to fly. When it comes to the carrier size, the majority of airlines require that the carrier should be between 16 and 19 inches long and around 10 inches tall.

In a nutshell, first find out whether the airline allows pets, and if it does, find out what the regulations are. Only then can you start planning for your trip with your furry mate. Also, as much as you want your dog to tag along, don’t force them to fit in a carrier that’s too small for them. That’ll only make the trip stressful, which means a hectic flight for you as well.

Find Pet-Friendly Hotels Beforehand

Just like airlines, most hotels and resorts don’t often allow pets. So don’t just carry your pet assuming you’ll stay at the first hotel you find. Do some research and find pet-friendly places to stay, then book reservations beforehand. A good idea would be to work with a reputable private club-like Xpirient, so you can tap into the network of high-end, pet-friendly hotels and resorts across the world.

Pack Up Right

The aim of carrying your pup on this trip is to ensure they have as much fun. Therefore, just like you can’t leave your essentials behind, be sure not to leave those of your pet behind. Pack up enough toys and treats to get your pup through the days that you’ll be on vacay. While you can always buy treats when you land, don’t forget the toys. You could even give them one to keep them busy during the flight.

Take Your Pup for a Long Walk before Leaving

A tired dog is a sleepy dog. Before you leave the house, take your pup for a very long walk to tire them out. This way, the moment you are settled for the flight, they’ll fall asleep immediately, making things smooth sailing for both of you

Avoid Overfeeding Your Pup

This might sound harsh, but it’s not. Dogs tend to express anxiety by peeing or pooping. This being the first time you’re flying with your dog, they may be nervous. Avoid feeding your pup that morning and keep the water bowl away two hours before the flight.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Whether you are flying to another continent or within the country, it’s essential to ensure your pup is well hydrated. But as mentioned above, you don’t want it to keep peeing. Therefore, gauge the water you give to them. An excellent way to keep them hydrated would be to offer them an ice cube.

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