5 Things Travelers Pack But Don’t Need

There are two types of travelers — those who pack a few items when taking on a long trip and those who plan and pack so meticulously such that they end carrying an extra suitcase or two even for a short trip. If you are in the second category, then you’ve been doing it wrong. Below we’ve outlined things most travelers always pack but don’t need to help you travel a bit lighter on your next trip. 

  • Leave the Hard Copy Books Behind

Nothing beats the feeling of putting on noise-canceling headphones and reading your favorite book the entire flight. However, remember that book also requires space in your carry-on once you touch down. Also, chances are you won’t get the time to read it once you’re checked-in.

On that note, since you’re trying to minimize your load while traveling this year, it’d be wise to leave the books behind. Luckily, your trip doesn’t have to be boring as you can still read that Sidney Sheldon novel you’re currently hooked on, on your iPad or even smartphone. If you must read a hard-copy book, then bring only one.

  • Your Entire Wardrobe

Wanting to look your best when you are on that holiday cruise or safari is pretty normal. What’s not normal is packing your entire wardrobe and an outfit for each day. Not only will you have a lot of luggage to stress you out, but you might also end up not wearing all the clothes you packed. 

To avoid this, pack only a few clothes. For instance, if your trip requires that you wear jeans most of the time, pack only two pairs of jeans — a light and a dark pair. This way, you can easily switch tops with either of the jeans, and no one will notice. In the case of shoes, carry two pairs depending on the occasion or destination.

If your trip mostly revolves around the beach, carry a pair of open shoes for the beach-related activities and a pair of closed ones for all other activities that don’t involve the beach. Additionally, avoid packing any clothes that require extra care, such as ironing or dry-cleaning.

  • Toiletries and Cosmetics 

If you love the smell and texture of your current shower gel or shampoo, the thought of having to use one from a brand whose name you can’t even pronounce is nothing short of terrifying. But carrying a whole bottle of shower gel and other cosmetics is how you end up with multiple bags on a short trip. 

During your next vacation or trip, leave the toiletries behind as they’ll be provided by the hotel or resort you’re staying in throughout your stay. Concerned the hotel or resort you’re staying in only has a limited selection or offers products from cheap brands? Then book your stay in world-class hotels using Xpirient to get discounts and enjoy a variety of high-quality toiletries and cosmetics.  

  • Multiple Gadgets

We get it — you want to keep everyone back at home on the loop by taking the best photos and videos, but do you need to carry all tech gadgets you own? The short answer to that is no. Bringing them all not only takes up space but also increases the risk of you losing every device you own in one-go tenfold. Therefore, unless you’re a You Tuber, Photographer, or Natgeo videographer on a quest to create a polar bear documentary, pare down the devices you carry to travel lighter. 

  • Anything You Can Buy on Your Way or Destination 

Don’t pack anything you can buy on your way or at your destination. For instance, don’t pack over-the-counter meds that you can buy on your way. Leave behind that big sunscreen you purchased when you were last shopping and purchase it on vacation.

Traveling to destinations on your bucket list is fun, but doing so with three suitcases and a carry-on will only slow you down and tire you out. Save yourself the stress by only packing the essentials. You can achieve this by leaving the above-outlined items at home.

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