5 Instagram Accounts That Will Have You Wanderlusting Hardcore

Got a mad case of wanderlust? You’ll be even more afflicted once you’ve seen what your favorite influencers are up to on Instagram. The picture-heavy social media platform offers eye candy from travelers worldwide. One glimpse at your IG feed is all it takes to get you thinking about your next trip.

Instagram Provides Plenty of Inspiration to Explore

Here are five Instagram accounts that will have you wanderlusting hardcore:


The official website of National Geographic, its brilliant photographs of exotic locations, interesting people, and incredible architecture will have you wishing you were a travel photographer on assignment. Offering a glimpse into the lives of everyday people from around the globe, it’s as much about lifestyle as it is about travel. If you love learning about other country’s people, you’ll find Nat Geo’s account inspiring.


A true testament to the power of connection, this superstar traveler photographs himself hand-in-hand with his girlfriend in beautiful locations around the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling with a companion, you’ll find the photographer’s account top-notch especially after learning his background is in civil engineering not photography.


Our own IG feed shows you what type of lifestyle to expect with a membership to our exclusive club. In addition to discounts on lodging in locations around the world, you have access to legal advice, pet services, and even roadside assistance. You get all that and more when you become a member of Xpirient.


Annette White’s incredible tribute to travel is documented on her IG feed in vivid color and detail. With over 45 countries crossed off her bucket list, you can see why people want to travel full-time. The experiences that she shares are remarkable. From the people she encounters to the things that she does while in a location, the seasoned traveler has created an online presence that shines brightly.


If living in a van and traveling the nation is something that interests you, you’ll find lots to get excited about while following this account. In addition to showing you the remodels of vans of all sizes, it also gives you a glimpse into the lives of the people (and pets) who make travel a priority. It’s incredible to see how much storage there actually is on the inside of a van. Sometimes, it includes a bathroom and kitchen set-up!

One look at Instagram is all it takes to find inspiring people living the nomadic lifestyle. Even if you’re not a frequent traveler, you can plan for your next big trip by keeping up with other people’s journeys. You’ll learn a lot along the way.

The Spirit of Travel is Alive and Well in Your Life

Keep the spirit of travel alive and well in your life. Even when you’re not traveling, you can recreate that sense of wonder wherever you go. Using Instagramas inspiration, you’ll find plenty of new places to discover and things to do along the way. Just open up the app and start searching for travel to unlock a world full of beautiful imagery within seconds.

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