5 Fun and Unusual Ways to Pick a Travel Destination for Your Next Trip

Part of the fun of traveling involves picking a destination to go to. If you’re out of ideas or want to try something completely different than the norm, there are ways to fill your creative well once again. The following suggestions help you step outside the box with your thinking and explore the excitement that comes with not knowing exactly how your days will turn out.

Narrowing Down the Options You Have as to Where to Travel to

With a world full of options awaiting you, it can be difficult to decide where to go on your next big excursion. Depending on the amount of free time you have and how you feel, you may want a really low-key vacation away from the everyday stresses of your normal life. Or, you want big excitement and very little time to sleep.

Here are five fun and unusual ways to pick a travel destination for your next trip:

    Throw a dart at a map.

    This idea tops many people’s Bucket Lists. It’s exciting and completely unpredictable. You may wind up somewhere very close to home or extremely far away. It’s all a matter of chance.

    Start a poll on social media and have people vote.

    Let your family and friends pick where you’ll go next. Whichever location gets the most votes wins. It’s fun to see who picked which location and why.

    Put a bunch of names in a hat and draw one.

    The odds are in your favor with this idea. You’re sure to choose one of many places you want to visit. Save the slips for future trips so you never run out of inspiration.

    Roll dice.

    Assign a destination to each number and give them a roll. You never know where you’ll end up! Keep a pair of dice with you as you travel to help you make decisions about where you eat and what activities you choose to do once you get there.

    Choose a theme and then find a city or country that relates to it.

    Up-level your vacation experience by making it one that you can’t help but have fun on. There are so many possibilities when it comes to themes and ways to work a travel destination into it. This may be our most adventurous suggestion yet!

    You’ve got options that help you determine where you should venture to next. Be creative in your approach to travel and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more than ever before. At the very least, you’ll have some really fun stories to tell others.

    Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Time Zone by Exploring the World

    Take a chance by picking a travel destination out of your comfort zone. You’ve got ways to do it now that you’ve read the suggestions listed above. Add excitement and mystery to your plans by creatively choosing a place to go. You’ll stretch your boundaries and become a better traveler and a more well-rounded version of your current self in the process.

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