5 Absolutely Essential Things You Need to Do Before Leaving for a Trip

Before packing your bags and leaving on a jet plane, it’s important to address things at home first. That way, there is no confusion while you’re on your trip and everyone that needs further instruction has ways of obtaining necessary information without disrupting you. The post office temporarily holds your mail, all deliveries are halted until further notice, and the pet sitter has people they can call to assist them with minor issues concerning Fifi and Fido.

How to Remain Focused on Your Vacation Once You’ve Left Home

To better prepare for short-term and long-term travel, you’ll need to run errands and complete tasks while at home. Doing so frees your mind from worry so you can focus on your vacation destination and the people you’re spending time with. To help you with the planning process, we’ve come up with a short list of suggestions for you to follow.

Here are five absolutely essential things you need to do before leaving for a trip:

Use up all the perishable food in your fridge.

Nothing smells worse than spoiled milk! Buy less fresh food in the days leading up to your trip.

Hire someone you trust to care for your plants, look after your home, and take care of your pets.

They’ll be in good hands because you planned ahead! Create a binder with instructions for the different areas of care you need help with.

Set up an auto-reply on your emails and change your voicemail message to reflect that you’re taking some time off.

You don’t need to be specific and compromise your safety to tell someone where you’re at, but you do need to let them know that you’re not immediately available. Refrain from checking email or voicemails by allowing yourself set times to do so.

Decide who will serve as your emergency contact in the event something goes wrong.

Ask that they get in touch with other members of the family and your friends on your behalf. It’s nearly impossible to reach people in the United States quickly by phone when you’re in another country.

Use a packing list to check things off as you place them in your luggage so they aren’t left at home. You’ll have everything you need and your sanity remains intact.

Pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning, and any last-minute things you need before the store closes.

Your individual needs may differ from the list suggested here. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use ours for inspiration. Spending time taking care of the to-dos makes it easier for you to relax and keep your focus on the present moment. You won’t be upset because you failed to give your plant enough water or appoint a family member or friend as your official plant caretaker.


Xpirient Members Enjoy Easier and More Comfortable Travel

Don’t leave for a trip feeling unprepared. Now that you’ve taken care of some of the most important details at home, you can relax and enjoy the experience more. You won’t be worrying about what you forgot to do because it will have been taken care of ahead of time. That means less stress and greater freedom to explore your surroundings and take part in the activities you planned to do.

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