4 Things to Do before Postponing Travel Plans during the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you at this time thought you’d be sitting by the beach somewhere in Santorini, sipping some margarita while you watch the sunset, we have some bad news; you may have to put these plans on hold. The widely-discussed, novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been slowly bringing the world to a standstill. 

Now that it was recently declared a pandemic, most countries are issuing travel bans. This has had a ripple effect on all facets of life, including travel, and now, most flights, cruises and hotel reservations alike are being canceled. While it’s true going on a vacation right now isn’t quite a stellar idea, you don’t have to cancel your much-awaited getaway entirely. You can postpone till things are under control. But before you do, here are five things you should do.

    Check Out Corona Virus Updates

    As a way to keep their citizens safe and curtail the spread of COVID-19, different governments are continuously updating information on travel advisories for each country. For instance, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has an entire resource center on its website dedicated to offering coronavirus updates and travel advisories against the most affected countries. 

    In Australia, the government is offering this information through Smart traveler and in the UK, anyone planning to leave the country can find this essential info on the FCO.  Besides the mentioned, you can also find this vital info on WHO. Therefore, before you throw out your grand travel plans, ensure you first check out these websites to know whether you can go, postpone to a future date, or cancel the vacation altogether.

    Contact Your Airline

    Even though coronavirus cases have reduced significantly in countries that were affected considerably, things are still not back to normal. For instance, although the number of new coronavirus cases reported in China has reduced drastically, most major airlines have temporarily canceled their mainland China flights. In that light, make sure you get in touch with your airline first to see whether it’s still offering flights to your destination. 

    If not, ensure you ask about your options. For instance, can you reschedule? If yes, what are the costs? If no, then inquire about a refund. The good news is that most airlines are currently offering refunds. If the airline is still offering flights to your travel destination, but there will be layovers along the way, be sure to inquire about any delays you may encounter while undergoing mandatory screenings. Note, an easy way to get your airline to respond is to contact them via social media.

    Get in Touch with Your Hotel

    Your airline may still be offering service, but what if the hotel or resort you had made reservations in through Xpirient had to close because of an outbreak in the destination temporarily? Will they offer a refund or the option to postpone your stay until everything is back to normal? You can only get the answers to these questions if you contact your hotel.

    Make a Wise Decision

    Finally, after doing all the above, make a decision that works for you. For instance, if the CDC warns against traveling to your destination because of high coronavirus cases, postponing might be a great option. However, you may find it may not suit you because maybe you’ll be back at work. In such a case, you may have to cancel altogether.

    Travelling is fun, but if doing so puts your health and safety at risk, it’d be wise to postpone or cancel. The above tips from Xpirient are especially essential during this time of the coronavirus outbreak.

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