10 Iconic Shots Every Traveler Should Capture with Their Camera

There are few people on the planet that want to go through life without capturing small glimpses of it with their camera. That’s what makes traveling so exciting. Not only are you discovering new things about yourself, but you’re also documenting your journey with every photo that you take.

Before you set foot on your next big adventure, you should prepare yourself by writing down a list of shots you’d like to capture while away from home. Doing so gives you something to reference when you’re standing awestruck among beauty but don’t want to leave empty-handed. You can take out your list, have a quick look at it and then plan when and where to take out your camera or camera phone.

Here are ten iconic shots every traveler should capture with their camera:

An aerial view as you’re flying.

There is something magical about seeing the land below from above. Capturing that shot is a must. It sets the tone of your trip and gets you to start thinking about the other photos you plan on taking while away.

You standing beside the biggest building or landmark you can find.

You’ll feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you ever need a reality check, think of the most massive thing you can come across and put yourself beside it. Your problems don’t seem so big or important now, do they?

You standing beside something itty bitty to show scale.

Showing how you relate to the world around you in size is very fun. It helps others get a better idea of what you’ve seen, done, and experienced, too. Standing next to something small shows scale and makes a great photo op.

The first sign you see in another language.

It’s a good thing you brushed up on your foreign language skills, right? You actually know what the sign says and that’s a good thing. You don’t want to be featured in a book with funny translations.

The view from the street.

One city varies from the next. You could go from the overcrowded streets of one country to the quiet suburban streets at home. It’s incredible to see the two beside each other for comparison purposes.

A picture of the locals doing something they normally do.

It’s a fascinating way to capture the essence of a location. It’s easy enough to do especially in cities where most of the population works or spends time outdoors. Always ask for permission before taking pictures of people, though.

The most beautiful thing you can find.

Hold onto that beauty for as long as you can. A photograph allows you to see it over and over again. The photo is a treasure itself.

Local wildlife.

You’ll have many opportunities to see wild animals wherever you go. Study them. Photograph them so you can tell others what it was like to be around the wildlife.

Your first exotic meal.

There was a lot of love and skill that went into making that meal. You might as well appreciate it a little longer, right? Taking a picture and uploading it to social media allows you to do just that.

A crowded marketplace.

Photos featuring commerce that is sold in the area are always great. They give you so much to look at. You can also follow trends by looking at past photos to see what were the biggest sellers.

Make the most of your travel experience. Capture the most incredible shots by being mindful as you go from one destination to the next. Having photos like this in your possession is an asset. They’re something you can share with others and look back at fondly one day. Your personal photos are among the best souvenirs you bring home with you.

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